International award-winning industrial design

Our award-winning design team develops completely new and innovative products and improves existing solutions. Our expertise combines a strong technical background with extensive experience in industrial design.

We have versatile experience in different areas of industrial design. We take advantage of the latest innovations, follow the latest trends and collaborate smoothly with experts from different fields. Our work emphasises expediency, visuality, usability and ergonomics. We design easy-to-use and aesthetically high-quality products which can be manufactured in a cost-effective manner. This enables us to guarantee end users a positive user experience and commercial success for your business.

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What we do

Award-winning design! The products we have designed have won several international design awards. We are proud of our achievements and want to continue offering our customers the best design the world has to offer.

We have the skills to identify real user needs

Usability is linked to the design process from start to finish. By identifying real user needs, we are able to develop significantly better products and discover new business opportunities. Based on the user data we collect, we steer the product development work so that it delivers the best possible added value to the end user and your organisation.

We are able to improve the efficiency and safety of products when we specify the operating conditions and get to know the users. User data becomes concrete in the product and its features when we seamlessly combine user-orientation with design and the development of mechanics.

Strategic design will make the entire business more efficient

Successful technology companies all share a systematic method in their design management. One key factor in achieving market leadership is strategic design. Our services in strategic design ensure the profitability of your organisation’s design investments. Seamlessly supporting the company’s other strategic goals, the design strategy enhances business efficiency and improves profitability.

Tools and practices for the management of operations

We create a comprehensive design strategy for your organisation, as well as the tools and practices for managing your operations. This will effectively combine design with your organisation’s product and service development, communications, marketing and brand management. We define the product identity and utilise product appearance and communications consistently in the product development projects, marketing materials and services.

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Matti Mikkola


Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

Paavo Mäkelä

Team Leader

Product development, concept development and design projects

Examples of our customers for whom we have done industrial design

Herrmans Bike Components
RMK Vehicle Corporation
Avant Tecno


LM Instruments
Magnasense Technologies

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