Herrmans Bike Components Oy


Internationally renowned Finnish bicycle component
manufacturer Herrmans teamed up with LINK design in bringing
to life its flagship E-bike front light family.
High-efficiency Nordic XTREME headlights, suitable for all kinds
of 25-45 km/h electric bicycles, bring a touch of car lighting
technology to cycling with their new sophisticated optics.

Together with the customer LINK implemented product
architecture- and structural design and was responsible for the
industrial design, providing mold-ready surfaces of the cast
aluminium housing design. LINK also designed the product
graphics on the housing.

Together with contextual suitability, the design process was
guided by the patent pending glass lensed dual projector
technology and the need for an innovative bracket solution.

As of now, the family consists of two models and a toggle switch
for the high beam. On the switch project LINK was responsible
for industrial design and provided parametric surfaces of the

What we did