User and stakeholder research for reviewing customer needs

Are you able to understand and identify the needs of your customers? Pausing to examine this topic is fundamental to your company’s business. For us, research is a natural part of our product and service development. This allows us to ensure that the needs of customers and users in your business play a leading role.

In our work, people always play the leading role, because the services we develop are intended to improve their lives. We always base our work on customer research, co-creation and strong design expertise. We are happy to work together with our customers, and also by including end users and key stakeholders in the development work. Customers appreciate this because they know that it ensures competitiveness and commercial success for their product or service, based on value creation generated for the user.

What we do

When we conduct user research, we receive qualitative customer and user information. We process this data to suit the needs of sales and marketing, strategic development or product development. We always choose the methods, objectives and scope of user research appropriately in line with the target.

In the research, we also determined the user groups of the product or service, the impacts of the operating environment on the user experience, the needs and goals of the users in their operations, as well as their expectations. Based on the results, we create product concepts or service packages and operating environments. The service also includes a research plan, and the collection, analysis and reporting of data in an appropriate format.

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Piritta Winqvist

Director, Service Design, UX & UI

service design, research and UX/UI development projects, public projects

Matti Mikkola

Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

Examples of our customers for whom we have done user and stakeholder studies

Valmet Technologies
Neles Finland
Lahti Precision

Kongsberg (formerly Rolls-Royce Marine)
City of Helsinki
Helsingin Energia
GE Healthcare Finland

City of Espoo
Eco Log Sweden

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