LINK Easy ensures fast and effortless orders and service

We have developed the LINK Easy service for quick and effortless commissioning of small work assignments.

Your organisation can use our LINK Easy service, for example, in small jobs, quick visualisations and marketing work that are not part of a project, or even in the finalisation of projects. These ‘small jobs’ are often essential with regard to the whole.

Benefits of the service

Quick orders, even by email

Our LINK Easy service can be ordered quickly, for example, by email. We create a flexible schedule without separate offers or project specifications. Our expert confirms the order by email, in which he or she gives an estimate of the workload and confirms the delivery schedule. We open a job number in the service based on hourly work, and we then invoice monthly on the basis of actual work completed. The job number and hourly rate will remain the same throughout the duration of the contract. The smallest unit to order for the service is one hour. Use of the service does not involve an obligation to order.

In LINK Easy, you can agree separately on any business trips or work meetings. The service can also be combined with ongoing project commissions or Onsite and Offsite services.

LINK Easy has proven to be a convenient and cost-effective method of ordering design services. We work in cooperation with LINK Design in many areas; design, mechanical engineering and marketing communications. We are able to get the expertise we need for targeted use quickly with just a phone call or an email, and no time is wasted on waiting for offers or price negotiations to be processed. I warmly recommend the service!

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Matti Mikkola

Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design