LINK – Success with a combination of design, usability and technology

At LINK, we have been the drivers and catalysts of change in the Finnish business world for more than ten years. From the very beginning, our mission has been to create new business and success for our customers through integrated development – by combining design, technology and usability into unique solutions.

We founded LINK Design and Development Oy in 2009 with four people by purchasing our former workplace along with the personnel from Sweco. We have grown from an enthusiastic group of approximately 20 people at the beginning into the current tight-knit group of approximately 50 professionals who master design and product development.

In cooperation with our customers, we create new business and successful solutions for them. We make unique implementations that stand out from those of our competitors.

Approximately half of our company’s business operations consist of product development. The development of services and working on technology projects both account for approximately a quarter of our sales. An essential part of the way we operate is working with an extensive network of partners. We are in charge of a project and acquire the best cooperation partners to participate in each case.

LINK is known for the best ideas and innovations, and that's just how we want it to stay. We offer a boost for generating new solutions. We are bold enough to invent new things and go against the mainstream. On the other hand, we do take care of finances as well; we do not take too many risks.

A bold creator of change

We develop new and bold solutions for our customers, but we also accept challenges to renew ourselves.

We practise what we preach! Because all our employees are inspired by development, we also boldly ideate and implement our own projects.

Not all ideas take you to the finish line, but it’s still worth trying to implement them. For example, we tried to go global by directly entering the German market. The work did not pay off immediately, but it did help us later in acquiring international customers.

Our next step is to make strong use of digitalisation – LINK goes digital! We are already digitising customer projects as a purchased service. Soon we will also have new digital solutions coming to the market.

LINK history 2009–2020