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Understanding customer experience is the foundation for the development of all products, services, internal processes and business models. The benefit experienced by a customer or a service user increases the value of the brand.

The target of customer experience can be an entire service path or, for example, a single digital interface already in use. We target existing services in more detail and streamline the customer experience and path. By improving the customer experience, you can also reach completely new customers or users.

In joint workshops, we involve our customers in the design and creation of the customer experience. We define customer profiles and use cases and perform a thorough examination of the service path step by step. We find the bottlenecks and any issues that require development. We conduct a customer survey and improve the customer path or experience of a single contact location. We highlight development targets in the company’s internal processes and create a roadmap of the steps to follow next.

Our research expertise is top-notch, and we always interpret the results into our customers’ own language. Our extensive experience in discovering customer needs and factors affecting customer experience is complemented by versatile methods and an experimental culture.

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Piritta Winqvist

Director, Service Design, UX & UI

service design, research and UX/UI development projects, public projects

Matti Mikkola

Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

Examples of our customers whom we have helped with customer experience

City of Espoo
Helsingin Energia
City of Helsinki

Inwido Finland
Lahti Precision
Municipality of Lapinjärvi
Salo IoT Park

City of Turku
Valmet Technologies
Prime Minister’s Office

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