Concept design and brainstorming

When we are developing a new or existing product together with a customer, our working method is concept development.

Often in the early stages of product development projects, emotions vary and participants may feel uncertain: Are we too late with our ideas? Do the stakeholders of our project know and understand what we are doing and what we are aiming for? Do we have a need for new ideas and solutions, or should we actually survey new product areas? What will happen to our product portfolio and our competitive configuration in the future?

With the help of the concept, we can outline the type of product we are developing. With concept generation, we can also explore the use of new technology applications and the product’s potential for success in the market. Our concept design will be successful if we have well-defined goals.

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Methods for Solving, Defining and Visioning concept development

In our experience, Solving concept development is an effective method when we are looking for alternative structural solutions during a product development project. We always take into account the different areas, such as design, usability, mechanics and electronics. This method is used when there is already a clear overall picture and definition of the product.

We use the Defining concept development method when we are looking for product specifications. We encapsulate everything related to the product in the product’s concept before starting the actual design. We often perform developing concept development at the beginning of a product development project, but sometimes the customer orders it from us as a project of its own. Defining a concept and specifying a business plan in more detail go hand in hand. We always produce concrete material for decision-making.

Visioning concept development method is envisaging and research-oriented by nature. The method is not about actual product development. The goal is to bring a concrete element into your organisation’s prospects for the future and to improve your company’s communication. This method makes us look into the future through products. We develop product and service concepts with a long-term vision and support strategic planning. This allows us to ensure your company’s competitiveness in the future as well. When creating new concepts, we can study, develop and test technology and examine market phenomena and their development.

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Examples of our customers for whom we have done concept design

Schaeffler Finland
Neles Finland

Valmet Automotive
Rosendahl Nextrom

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Eco Log Sweden
BRP Finland

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