We can quickly produce hand-drawn or more sophisticated visual aids to support ideation and concept development, user manuals or marketing. When traditional images are not enough, we can make 2D and 3D animations. With our visualisation service, the only limit is your imagination.

Illustrations and animations are the most natural and the most effective way to share ideas and concepts between designers, sales & marketing, product managers, senior management and customers when the product itself does not yet exist. There are a range of visualisation techniques that can be used to bring ideas, concepts, user and maintenance manuals and operating scenarios to life in different operating environments.


Hand-drawn sketches help to emphasise the tentative nature of ideation and concept design. Sketches are a cost-effective way to communicate new concepts and ideas to stakeholders. Hand-drawn sketches can be enriched by adding more detail and graphics, creating opportunities for also turning the images into, for example, stylish presentation materials.

Technical drawings

The 3D models built by the product design team can easily be turned into modern, detailed and realistically shaded technical drawings for user, installation and maintenance manuals. The drawings work equally well as digital files and as traditional paper printouts. Technical drawings can also be laid out as step-by-step guides, thus eliminating the need to produce manuals in multiple languages.


Illustrations are supremely versatile and a great way to enrich presentations to both internal and external audiences. A picture that enlivens and sharpens the message really is worth a thousand words in product design and concept development. We produce illustrations for presentations, workshop materials, final reports and other visual end products, always ensuring that they complement the theme of the project, make the message clearer and give the presentation a dynamic rhythm. We find vector graphics to be the most scalable and versatile technique for illustration purposes.


The choice of materials and lighting for 2D images and 3D models of concepts is practically endless, and we can deliver any level of detail and style you desire. Rendered images can be used in strategy formulation, for example, and in various kinds of presentation and marketing materials.


Sales, marketing and communications need high-resolution images of the finish product. Often the need arises when the product is in fact still in the prototype stage. Photorealistic images are a powerful, real-time tool that can also benefit senior management.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what moving picture is worth! We produce spectacular 2D and 3D animations to support our customers’ product and service development processes through marketing and technical presentations.

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Video is the ideal medium for storytelling and showing how services and products work in their natural operating environment. There is no reason not to combine video and animation either. Even a short video or animation can really pack a punch!

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Benefits of visualisation

Our visualisation service is provided by industrial designers with vast experience and expertise in visual design. Our designers approach each assignment from the perspective of the featured product or service, its intended purpose and the user; their goal is to find the best way to use visualisations and animations for maximum effect and to portray the product or service from the most flattering angle.

Placing orders for small visualisation assignments is extremely easy thanks to the LINK Easy service. LINK Easy gives you access to our experts flexibly and cost-effectively. We are also getting ready to launch a new mobile application called LINK Easy, which will make the ordering process even simpler.

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Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

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Team Leader

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

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Director, Sales

Product development services and mechanical engineering