Facilitation of workshops and training create close cooperation

There’s power in cooperation. As organisations and their customers and stakeholders make their voices heard, we will see more diverse and effective ideas, projects and operating models emerging. Facilitation guides different views towards common goals.

Facilitation is an important tool for inclusion that effectively brings people and different views together. By engaging organisations, customers and stakeholders in a shared workshop, we allow all voices to be heard and the parties to experience that they are involved in a joint development.

Clear policies with a voice for all

We manage both workshops related to major development projects as well as the design and facilitation of individual workshops. During our training events, we develop the internal operations of organisations and companies.

We also facilitate a series of workshops in which external specialists are responsible for the development of new processes. We plan workshops based on your organisation’s goals, create materials and canvases, summarise the offering of the events and crystallise the results of the work into a format which is easily put into use.

In our trainings, we work on a specific topic in facilitated small groups. The topics relate to our areas of expertise, such as service design or customer-driven business processes and development. Together with your organisation, we will define the objectives of the training and take into account the initial data and level of the participants in the planning. We bring people together to work both digitally as well as face to face.

We bring our diverse experience and vision of different industries, companies and processes to the shared workshops. We give new perspectives for the thinking and development work in organisations. Facilitation is an essential part of each of our projects and, therefore, one of our daily tools. We have solid experience working with groups of all sizes.

We also facilitate co-creation workshops either as part of a more extensive project package or as individual workshops. In the development work based on the starting points of service design, the different user groups, customers and external and internal stakeholders are being included in the development process in order to make their needs visible in every stage of the development work. In co-creation workshops, development work is exposed to different perspectives as early as the planning phase and a common understanding of different needs is created to support it.

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Standing in front of people and distributing five-second turns to speak does not count as facilitation. In the workshops, we create a genuine spirit of co-creation and a clear framework for working. Our trainings have been praised for their pragmatic nature

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Piritta Winqvist

Director, Service Design, UX & UI

service design, research and UX/UI development projects, public projects

Matti Mikkola

Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

Rami Raute

Product Development Manager

Product development services, mechanical engineering, concepting and innovation

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360 visualizer
City of Espoo
Helsingin Energia
City of Helsinki

Inwido Finland
Lahti Precision
Salo IoT Park

City of Turku
Valmet Technologies

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