With strategic service design, you will be able to develop your business

When you want to succeed in your business, you cannot afford to ignore service design. The methods and way of thinking in service design can be utilised from the development of services to designing business, employee experience and strategy. We innovate new things and develop existing ones, explore opportunities and make ideas come alive.

In an increasingly digital world, the user orientation of a service is one of the cornerstones of successful business. Are your company’s services future-proof, and do they currently serve your customers in the best possible way? We are experts in product and service development and provide your company with tools for appropriate, interesting and customer-driven solutions – for real-life needs.

We do not present speculations for your company because our solutions are always based on customer and user research. Together with You we will deepen the understanding of the customers, their habits, and the context they operate from. You can utilise our solid experience in user-driven methods in both the industrial and public sector. In the area of business design, we provide support, for example, in the development work of a user-driven strategy, internal processes, employee experience and cooperation networks.

Service design is a human-driven and sustainable business

We develop services and business based on user and customer understanding. The needs, expectations and everyday practices of user groups lay the foundations for both services as well as the entire organisational culture. Increasingly, design thinking and user needs are integrated into the company’s decision-making and business development. Today’s operating environment is changing faster than ever before, and involving both users and stakeholders in solving complex challenges will produce an end result that meets the needs of different user groups.

Based on our customer research, we build concepts to suit the needs of the customers and ensure the organisation’s user-driven approach in the designing of its products, services and solutions. In service design, the business conditions are also combined with development work in order to achieve an optimal outcome for all parties.

Depending on the project’s starting point, we will include service paths, Service Blueprints, customer profiles as well as stakeholder and ecosystem maps in the work. We utilise ethnographic methods to gain customer understanding and ensure the creation of value in the interaction between a customer and a product or service. The end result of the whole process is a competitive, functional and efficient service that users can identify with.

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Service design for the public sector

We create a more functional daily life both for citizens as well as within public sector organisations. Developing a smoother customer path usually also requires the development of the organisation’s operating models, networks and shared processes. Combining the shared processes between different actors into a whole and engaging stakeholders are key factors in our work to ensure that the customer views the service as complete and uniform. We are the framework contract supplier for service design in health and social services in the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Turku, as well as in the Tampere region, and we operate in all sectors of the cities’ activities.

Services always have a physical, digital and social dimension. Our work emphasises multidisciplinary design work to implement a service in the urban environment.

What we do

Service design services for the industrial sector

With service design methodology, we find out in concrete and straightforward terms what added value your company can create for its customers – and by what means. Service design is a way to grow business and acquire new customers as well as to find out the pain spots in customers’ business and provide an effective solution for them. Understanding of the customer’s business, concrete results and their validation help predict and respond
to the needs of your customers.

We define the clientele and its needs through field surveys or interviews. On this foundation, we will build both the service paths and the concepts to describe the ecosystem of the service as a whole as well as ensure that the concepts work. We design the physical and digital interfaces for the services. We can also productise and brand the service for your company’s sales and marketing operations as early as the concept phase.

Technology creates an opportunity, and a need creates a successful service

Our typical task is to conceptualise services around technological opportunities. In this case, the most important thing in designing a successful service is to determine the needs of the customer. Technology is not an intrinsic value, but it is the value of its utilisation for the customer. We have the customer validate the concepts before
making any major investment decisions. The careful definition of a customer-oriented concept directs the development work in the right direction and sets the drivers for it.

Our long experience in product development in different industries ensures that we have thorough knowledge on the industries and their customer groups. We understand the requirements of the product, machinery and equipment business.

I find the work that we do for the cities to be very meaningful and therefore inspiring. Through our cooperation, we are able to have an impact on socially important themes, and the results can be measured from the perspective of even quite humane indicators that generate well-being.
When a customer benefits from the service and receives added value from it for their own business or other activities, they will also be willing to pay for the service. If we understand the customer’s goals, find the pain spots of the processes and the possibility of value creation through them, we are able to discuss pricing or revenue opportunities.

What we do

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Director, Service Design, UX & UI

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Matti Mikkola

Director, Design

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Leading Consultant, Strategic Design

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Examples of our customers for whom we have done service design

Prime Minister’s Office
Valmet Technologies
City of Turku
Salo IoT Park

Municipality of Lapinjärvi
Lahti Precision
Kongsberg (formerly Rolls-Royce Marine)
Inwido Finland

City of Helsinki
Helsingin Energia
City of Espoo

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