Fastems Oy

Business, service and brand development

Fastems, 2014 - 2020

Fastems Oy helps its customers in the manufacturing industry in optimising their production with smart turnkey solutions for factory automation. The company is known for its heavy investment in research, development and innovation as well as for its efforts to continuously provide its customers with the best solutions for increasing productivity, transparency and quality.

Over the course of the collaborative project, LINK helped Fastems to develop solutions that would allow the Company to respond to changes in, for example, the marine industry more effectively than with their existing solutions. During the project, the solution developed by Fastems was further advanced by incorporating service design methods. LINK was responsible for assisting the Company in facilitating co-design workshops, during which new services and business models based on the solution were being designed. Collaboration between the two companies has been wide-ranging in other aspects as well. LINK has also helped the customer clarify their brand visibility in customer deliveries and has been involved in designing the customer’s user interfaces to provide a better end-user experience.

What we did