The Patria 6×6 HAPC camouflage

Patria is a well-known international defence, security and aviation technology and service provider. They are known to stand out from the crowd in the market. Patria needed new marketing camouflage on their 6×6 HAPC (Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier) infantry vehicle to boost the design and appearance of the vehicle. The aim was to have an […]

OPTIME condition monitoring system

Schaeffler OPTIME Link

Schaeffler, a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors, chose LINK Design to develop the user experience of OPTIME condition monitoring system. In addition to the industrial design of OPTIME sensors, LINK’s designers carried out the user interface and visual design of the system’s mobile and control room applications. A Design Guideline was […]

Vehicle control systems

Canatu Link Design

Vehicle control systems (steering wheel, centre console, door panel), touch surface materials Canatu supplies touch sensors, films and heaters for the automotive and consumer electronics industries. Canatu is designing control systems for the vehicles of the future. As vehicles become more electronic and diverse, they require smarter solutions. Controlling the vehicle and the use of […]

Heliscope – smart remote sensing system

Sharper Shape manufactures intelligent remote sensing systems that can be used with or attached to helicopters. Powerful image editing with incorporated smart features is used in imaging. The result is accurate data that can be used for various purposes. Together with LINK, Sharper Shape designed a product that can be attached to helicopters. The product […]