Canatu Oy

Vehicle control systems

Vehicle control systems (steering wheel, centre console, door panel), touch surface materials

Canatu supplies touch sensors, films and heaters for the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

Canatu is designing control systems for the vehicles of the future. As vehicles become more electronic and diverse, they require smarter solutions. Controlling the vehicle and the use of its various features will be user-driven.

LINK has been involved in implementing the future concepts of vehicles and designing their practical applications for Canatu Oy. The project has been based on user feedback and requirements. LINK has been involved in planning the solutions and building their prototypes. As this has been about initial development, ensuring the functionality of the technology has played an important role. Prototypes have also been built for exhibition purposes and demonstration use, including twice for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These prototypes closely combine electronics development with industrial and UX design.

LINK has been involved in various development projects for the customer that have been related to developing capacitive controls, designing electronic control systems, programming, UI design, SW/HW design, sensor design, and adding touch support to materials. The devices have been designed to be visually impressive, and prototypes have been built to ensure the desired outcome.

One of the masterpieces born out of our collaboration is the Origo smart steering wheel, the 2020 winner of the prestigious German Design Award in the Human-Machine Interface category.

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Canatu Link Design
Canatu Link Design
Canatu Link Design