New technologies and smart environments

Technology provides a key to a new way of thinking and doing, but smart environments are about more than just developing individual products.

In the Systems of Systems approach, we obtain new perspectives, business models and operating processes with physical products and technologies. In technology projects, this can mean more flexible quality control, sustainable product development or even the establishment of a new business unit that is different from the previous business in it revenue model.

For us, technology is not an intrinsic value. Our solutions generate data, but it is only its analysis and people-driven harnessing for use that leads to new business and solutions that serve users. Supporting product development is our special expertise. We help ideas become products and use prototypes, POC or MVP to determine if a product can succeed in the market – or how it can do better.

To complement the basic features of new technologies, we build solutions that generate added value. In addition to digitalisation, artificial intelligence and sensor utilisation, intelligent environments mean harnessing different spaces, technologies and operating environments for efficient use. Good design emphasises identifying users’ needs, such as an intuitive and ergonomic user experience.

In industry, we help to move from wires, cables and central control rooms to much lighter, more flexible and versatile solutions – for example, we can solve quality control problems with computer vision. In remote sensing devices, we combine sensor, image and data flow and produce solutions that combine data processing, communication and collection.

Providing a successful solution to multidisciplinary problems requires extensive expertise. With us, a single project can bring together the expertise of an electronics designer, an embedded software designer, an industrial designer and a user interface designer, front and back end programmer and a mechanical engineer. Our versatile expertise ensures that we are an agile partner for our customer, whatever the situation.

What we do

The unlimited amounts of data in the future are worthless if they are not presented in an understandable form to the right target groups. With our help, data will genuinely support decision-making. We understand how the potential of new technologies meets the needs of users and people

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IoT, digital solutions, SW/HW design

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