Brand building and development create an attractive look and message for the company

What is your organisation’s identity like? How do customers experience your products, services and communications? Are they currently making an impact on people’s minds and do they experience them as truly touching? With our design expertise, you can make your brand a strategic trump card for your company.

A brand is at the heart of success for many organisations. Meaningful communications that allow people to generate ideas and solutions for their lives can be the competitive advantage.

With our help, you can ensure a consistent and attractive image and message. Developing a brand using the methods of service design enables a brand that meets the genuine and verified needs of customers and supports the strengths that are already in customers’ minds. When it comes to brand communication, a good option is to strengthen the channels that offer better possibilities for meeting customer needs. Brand development also includes an internal aspect of the organisation, which ensures uniform brand communication that supports the whole.

In the brand, we define the type of images we want your organisation to evoke in people’s minds and how the organisation will stand out from others. Together, we will make concrete the values and promises regarding products, services and communications.

Bringing out the design language of a brand in digital form and in the physical environment

Creating a brand is an integral part of product, service and business model development projects. With different guidelines and visualisations, we define what the brand’s design language looks like in both digital and physical environments. We reveal the backgrounds and ideas behind the products to consumers and produce material that piques their interest and markets the products that are still in the making.

What we do

We operate cost-effectively within the sometimes strict criteria and time frames of the product development environment. We tackle the different elements of a brand, such as the logo, the product name and the graphics or design language, and take them to a new level. Visualisation of the end result is always clear and straightforward.

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Matti Mikkola

Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

Piritta Winqvist

Director, Service Design, UX & UI

service design, research and UX/UI development projects, public projects

Petteri Kolinen

Leading Consultant, Strategic Design

Strategic design, service design, industrial design

Examples of our customers for whom we have done brand development

Vaisto Solutions
Steris Finn-Aqua
Schaeffler Finland

Neles Finland
Inwido Finland
Helsingin Energia
Forcepoint Finland

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