UI and UX development ensures a successful user experience

You certainly want to create a service that your customers know how to use and that they find useful. Digital user interfaces play a key role in the goal of creating a successful user experience. Our experts will ensure that your digital service is a success.

Agility, efficiency, expediency and practicality are key terms when we develop graphical user interfaces. We have received a lot of feedback on the good cooperation our designers share with our various partners. We operate smoothly in the visual, UI and software design interfaces.

We carry out goal-oriented customer and user data collection to identify user needs, targets and use cases. Our UX and UI designers typically work in cooperation with service designers, from setting up the service to prototypes, working with ease by involving the customers, for example, in validating the concepts.

We implement visually impressive user interfaces where usability and accessibility are the most important factors. We take into account the needs, targets and limitations of the target groups. We always design the visual components in the user interface so that they can be utilised in programming work.

What we do

Prototype for quick testing

We implement prototypes quickly so that our customers can test them with their own testing groups. Once we have received sufficient feedback on the pilot interface, we will harmonise the company’s user interface formats and guidelines in the appropriate extent. We do not draw up extensive documentation, but rather create sets of instructions that are always useful for the customer.

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Piritta Winqvist

Director, Service Design, UX & UI

service design, research and UX/UI development projects, public projects

Onni-Matti Halkola

Director, Technology

IoT, digital solutions, SW/HW-design

Examples of our customers for whom we have done UI and UX development projects

Eco Log Sweden
GSGroup Finland

Inwido Finland
Neles Finland

Rosendahl Nextrom
Schaeffler Finland
Toijala Works
Prime Minister’s Office

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