Elisa Oyj

Customer application development projects

Our versatile expert services have been created for the diverse needs of companies. Elisa Oyj’s Digital Solutions unit, which offers service design, utilises our expertise when it is in quick need of additional forces for user experience design (UX) or user interface design (UI).

Elisa’s ITBU Digital Solutions unit performs application development for corporate customers and public administration and helps them in structuring their digitalisation projects. The work will result in concrete solutions that provide added value and improve the competitive advantage of customers. As a rule, the unit works on service design, customer service, application development, IoT solutions and healthcare solutions.

We asked Team Lead, CX Strategist Markus Vuorinen how he feels about working with us.  He leads a team of designers and consultants in Elisa Oyj’s Digital Solutions unit.

How does LINK support Elisa's business?

The need for service design is growing rapidly. Alongside their business objectives, companies also need the voice of the end customer to be included in decision-making, and we can accomplish this with service design methodology. Service design helps to improve the viability of an app, digital solution or process. The solution is not always digital, as sometimes you need to develop a telephone service, for example.

It is of paramount importance for the smooth running of our own business that we are able to get experts on board with us as soon as there is a need for it in a project.

We employ approximately 60 in-house professionals in the development of digital solutions for companies. Some of them are focused on design. We nominate our own team for each project, but since there are several projects running at the same time, we need more reinforcements every now and then. That is why it is great that we can easily and quickly involve LINK’s service design professionals, who know the industry well. I appreciate the expert service provided by LINK Design because it makes our own operations more flexible.

Can you give me a concrete example of your cooperation?

Elisa’s goal is that we do not work on digital projects without design expertise, but that we strongly involve customer orientation from the very beginning.

Together with LINK, we have been working on, for example, an order application for the Edustusautot company, which provides on-demand car services to companies. We got two application designers from LINK involved in the project, who always showed up at our Kaarlenkatu office when needed and sometimes worked at LINK in Otaniemi – so this turned out to be such a flexible hybrid solution.

How have your own operations developed in the course of your cooperation?

Our cooperation has enriched our business, especially since we work in the specialties of service design and application design. When many smart experts are involved in a project, the perspective is broad and the end result is better than that created by a smaller number of people. We also need experts from different fields in our projects, as they utilise different technologies and programming languages.

Cooperation also brings scalability to our own operations. It is good that we are able to quickly get experienced professionals on board. The number and duration of projects vary, and it makes financial sense to acquire additional power if and when your own staff is not enough.

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