Strategic design will make the entire business more efficient

Successful technology companies all share a systematic method in their strategic management. One key factor in achieving market leadership is strategic design.

Our services in strategic design ensure the profitability of your organisation’s design investments. Seamlessly supporting the company’s other strategic goals, the design strategy enhances business efficiency and improves profitability.

What we do

We have versatile experience in different areas of design. We are constantly developing methods and following new design trends. This enables high-quality implementation of strategic design.

Tools and practices for the management of operations

We will create a design strategy for your organisation, as well as the tools and practices for managing your operations. This will effectively combine design with your organisation’s product and service development, communications, marketing and brand management.

We will create a functional product portfolio for your organisation. We will define the product identity and utilise product appearance and communications consistently in the product development projects, marketing materials and services.

We develop product and service models for the future and create concepts around technologies or user needs. With visualised concepts, we collect assessments of products and services from various relevant stakeholders and this enables us to determine the feasibility of ideas.

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Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

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