Service and business development

When you want to succeed in your business, you cannot afford to ignore service design. We innovate new things and develop existing ones, explore opportunities and make ideas come alive.

In an increasingly digital world, the user orientation of a service is one of the cornerstones of successful business. Are your company’s services future-proof, and do they currently serve your customers in the best possible way? We are experts in product and service development and provide your company with tools for appropriate, interesting and customer-driven solutions – for real-life needs.

Service design is for developing human-driven and sustainable business

We do not present speculations for your company because our solutions are always based on researched data. We will think together with you and deepen your customer understanding. You can utilise our solid experience in user-driven methods in both the industrial and public operating environments. In business development, we support the development of customer-driven strategies, processes and value-added services.

Technology creates an opportunity, and a need creates a successful service

Our typical task is to conceptualise services around technological opportunities. In this case, the most important thing in designing a successful service is to determine the needs of the customer. Technology is not an intrinsic value, but it is the value of its utilisation for the customer. We validate the concepts with the customer before making major investment decisions. The careful definition of a customer-oriented concept directs the development work in the right direction and sets the drivers for it.

A strong brand is built on knowledge of products and customers

You will be able to develop your brand consistently, comprehensively and in a customer-oriented manner. A sustainable design strategy is at the heart of your company’s success. Your products and customers coming together will be a success, and your impressive messages will reach people.

When a customer benefits from the service and receives added value from it for their own business or other activities, they will also be willing to pay for the service. If we understand the customer’s goals, find the pain spots of the processes and the possibility of value creation through them, we are able to discuss pricing or revenue opportunities.

What we do