Uniqair Oy

Remote-controlled IoT air purifier

UniqAir is a Finnish company specialising in the development and manufacturing of air purifiers. Air purifiers contain a special filter that effectively filters out not only particles, but also gaseous impurities and toxins.

Together with UniqAir, LINK has designed a new remote-controlled consumer air purifier that can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall. Remote control enables versatile adjustability and timing, as well as the display of usage data. Link has designed the air purifier user interface to be clear and easy to use.

First, LINK mapped the possibilities for the implementation of remote access control. After that, a quick prototype round was carried out to ensure that the different parts would function together. The design of electronics and the programming of embedded systems aimed at large-scale volume manufacturing. An elegant touchscreen was implemented on a separate circuit board to ensure reliability.

LINK was responsible for all electronics and software design. We also designed the layout and user experience of the mobile device interface. Mobile apps were developed for Android and iOS platforms. Test jigs were designed for the upgrade of production, and support for volume manufacturing was a natural part of the project.

What we did