Leisure time and well-being

People’s attitude towards leisure time is constantly changing. That is why we are developing a wide scale of products and solutions that benefit and improve quality of life.

We are taking both amateur and professional sports to a new level: new technology provides the user with information about their performance and muscle load.

When developing lifestyle products, we follow the latest trends. We utilise our extensive knowledge of the industry, the application expertise of the latest technologies and agile development methods. In the consumer market, design solutions must be justified, professional, thought out to the last detail and in line with the company brand.

The development of medical devices and social development projects, such as improving operation of health care and care for the elderly, have a direct impact on the quality of life. In the development of medical devices, we combine strict industry standards, safety requirements and the most pleasant treatment situations for patients. Thanks to new methods, drug screening or the determination of inflammatory factors, for example, no longer require testing in the laboratory.

When developing a business, we must have the courage to question the current situation. We bring our expertise to support your organisation’s decision-making. Our asset is versatile research expertise in finding business opportunities even before the planning process is started. Whether you’re a fan of the waterfall model or agile scrum development, we will adapt our approach to your wishes.

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Matti Mikkola

Director, Design

Industrial design and product development services, strategic design

Paavo Mäkelä

Team Leader

Product development, concept development and design projects

Examples of our customers

RMK Vehicle Corporation
Herrmans Bike Components
Finnish Science Centre Foundation (Tiedekeskussäätiö)
GE Healthcare Finland

BRP Finland

Thermo Fisher Scientific
LM Instruments

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