Energy economy and sustainable development

Sustainable design

Sustainable development is an integral part of all decision-making in society and businesses. Our solution is sustainable design!

In our opinion, the most important task of sustainable design is to produce solutions that stand the test of time and are therefore a commitment to the overall ecological solution. At the same time, the solutions bring economic and social benefits and value to their users. Once the plan has been created in accordance with sustainable design principles, we can sleep peacefully at night and the solutions made can withstand even the most critical examination.

Designing the unnecessary and unnecessary designing

At LINK, we design solutions for real-life needs and avoid both designing the unnecessary and performing unnecessary designing. Designing something unnecessary is against the principle of sustainable design, and it always adds to the ecological burden, even if it can bring economic and social value to the parties involved. Unnecessary designing is a waste of brain capacity, although it can indirectly generate economic and social value for the parties involved. We have all come across this in our life – perfectly designed but completely unsuitable solutions for their users.

In sustainable design, we rely on researched knowledge, human orientation and the production of actual economic and social value and benefits. In sustainable development design, we always ask whether the solution is unnecessary or necessary.

What are sustainable design solutions?

In practice, sustainable design is divided into two areas. Firstly, we consider whether we could design the solution entirely in ways that are less environmentally burdening. Unfortunately, this is often almost impossible, both economically and technically. But even then, our job is to challenge existing things and create researched grounds for alternative solutions. In this way, we can move towards sustainable design.

Secondly, we are always thinking about solutions beyond this moment into the future: how long the product will be used, who will use the product, how the product will be updated and how the product will be recycled when there is no longer any need for it to exist.

One of the topics of sustainable design is sustainable design. How do we create a solution with a design form that stands the test of time? Sustainable design should be visionary and it should be carefully considered. Sustainable design is iconic, it withstands the patina of time and is the strongest statement of design to sustainable development!

We provide sustainable solutions

We design solutions that take into account materials technical choices and the solutions with the smallest carbon footprint in our product development process already during the concepting and design phase. We can utilise the experience we have gained from different industries when designing products of energy economy and sustainable development.

Climate change and the goal of a carbon-neutral future also put pressure on us designers to think about the environmental impact of the solutions we make. This is where the versatility of LINK’s professionals and the utilisation of networks brings added values already during the development phase of concepts. We take into account production methods, materials choices and the product’s lifecycle and recyclability.

In our design process, we produce feasible solutions which take sustainable development into account and are based on making the best use of existing technology.

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