Our Go Innovate service delivers completely new ideas and solves problems

In our Go Innovate service, we create new ideas and solve problems in a systematic way. We invest in shared brainstorming sessions and provide imaging of the created ideas into an easily exploitable visual form.

With Go Innovate, you can develop new product and service ideas and solve product issues in a quick and agile manner. The efficiency of the service is based on co-creation methods and an in-depth knowledge of creative problem-solving methods. We not only facilitate the events, but we put ourselves on the line and create new solutions together with our customers. In addition to representatives of the customer’s organisation, we also include representatives of the scientific communities and the customer’s stakeholders in our ideation sessions.

Brainstorming can also focus on pure problem solving and on determining the root causes of a problem. We always adapt the content of the workshops as needed. To support our work, we can create prototypes.

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Benefits of the service

The crystallisation of ideas is our core expertise

The workshop produces a huge amount of creative material, and ideas and proposed solutions are lost quickly if they are not documented. After the workshop, we will review the results and then transform them into images in an informative and easy-to-use visual form as a Go Innovate Booklet.

Artificial intelligence as an aid to innovation

Our Go Innovate service includes the data mining of patent databases using an artificial intelligence application. This will allow us to obtain real-time information on what has already been invented and protected related to the topic and how these innovations could be utilised in ideation and development. This makes it possible for us to avoid having to ‘reinvent the wheel’, and to save a significant amount of time and money.

All best-selling products and services have been ideas at some point, which is why it is worth investing in generating ideas

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