The ideology of agile development is at the heart of what we do

The ideology of agile development is at the heart of what we do. We believe that it is better to take small concrete steps, so that any false steps will also be small. An elephant must be eaten in pieces and not all at once.

In the early stages of the project, we will waste no time with unnecessary dabbling, but we will be looking to identify root causes for determining the specifications and setting the operating conditions. We have our own prototype workshop where we can do testing and experiment with new solutions immediately in practice.

With the help of a genuine PoC (Proof of Concept) culture, we can verify the functionality of concepts and save time and costs early on in the project. PoC is often the first physical and tangible version of an idea, so it makes what we are doing a bit more concrete, and enables us to be present, test and challenge an idea. PoC focuses on the points that are considered critical, and this gives us more certainty for the implementation solutions before detailed designing of the final version. PoC is a daily tool and method of working for us.

The prototype corresponds to the final product in many ways, but it has been implemented using fast manufacturing methods. With a prototype, we can test actual usage situations and seek feedback from customers as well.

In developing services and digital user interfaces with the assistance of the minimum viable product (MVP) concept, we are able to carry out customer testing and possibly even have a sellable product that meets the minimum requirements for a service that is independently successful on the market. MVP provides information on a product’s chances of success, even if it has not yet been developed into its final version. It speeds up access to more extensive user feedback, allowing us to prioritise the features required for the final development of the product. In addition, we can get development ideas from our customers, who will make the product into a true success story.

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What we do

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Flexible processes

In general, we develop products according to the waterfall model. We combine features of the sprint model with the waterfall model, which also provides us some of the benefits of agile development in our product development.

In the development and software design of digital user interfaces, we work in multidisciplinary environments. We are agile in communicating and steering projects that employ several experts from different companies at the same time.

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