Prototypes and testing can be done in our own workshop

AR, VR and good old plywood – LINK Protohub is a place where we get our hands dirty and concentrate our minds. Our service is ideal for developing functionalities and user experience.

Our culture is experimental and relies on testing. Design often requires the construction of a physical prototype. Our workshop has the tools to work on even the most persistent design problems – we will spell out the solution in every way we need to, if necessary.

We use both digital and physical prototypes in design work and in verifying product functionality. In our prototype workshop, a driver cab prototype made of plywood is transformed into a work machine of the future through virtual reality goggles.

What we do

Protohub is also our employee benefit. All our employees receive operating training for machines and equipment and are free to use the workshop’s equipment for their own hobby activities.

The prototype workshop is located in our office building

The 200-square-metre LINK Protohub, located in our Espoo office building, is available for use by your organisation. It is equipped with work machines and equipment suitable for quick experimentation and prototype manufacturing. The facility enables, for example, welding, painting, wood machining, turning, soldering circuit boards and 3D printing.

We LINK people master the craft skills, and some of our design work is carried out directly in the workshop with a true pragmatic approach to ensure a great end result.

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Jari Lehikoinen

Head Of Concept Design

Product development services and mechanical engineering

Paavo Mäkelä

Team Leader

Product development, concept development and design projects

Examples of our customers for whom we have done prototypes

RMK Vehicle Corporation
ELTEL Networks Corporation

FläktGroup Finland

Sharper Shape
Inwido Finland

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